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19-Feb-2016 07:57

The old days when the only option to meet girls was in bars and clubs, it’s long gone.

Today, thanks to the spread of cheap internet, there is a whole new world online.

Filipino Cupid is by far the biggest online dating site in the Philippines, and in that regard in Asia.

There are a lot of girls any time of the day and night.

The Philippine Islands are blessed with sandy beaches, a fine climate and of course exceptionally beautiful women.

You can consider this site as a tribute to all the women of the Philippines.

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Men from around the world flock to Filipina dating websites in hopes of security lifelong love with a woman who is beautiful on the outside and in.

Because of this remarkable closeness, parents sometimes have difficulties letting go of their children and thus results to having them stay for as long as they want.

For this somehow explains why grandparents are commonly seen living with their children in the Philippines.

We’re both entrepreneurs who understand there are bigger things in life than just a single date, or a one-night stand.

We are here to contribute to the Philippines’s growth, prosperity, its people and its wonderful culture.

Filipinos highly value the presence of their families more than anything.