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14-Mar-2016 01:09

Indeed, the fastest growing online dating group is the over 50s.

It’s really not surprising that internet dating is so popular with those aged 50, 60 or even 70 .

Looking through Literotica reveals that of many similar stories under the “shemale” and “tranny” tags, “Hot Tub Surprise” is just one more bad trans porn example. That can be seen through editor Tobi Hill-Meyer’s anthology collection, .

In Hill-Meyer’s collection, 30 writers set out to create a new way to think about transgender erotica by grounding the genre in how trans people actually have sex.

In mainstream porn, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Trans women are labeled “chicks with dicks,” turning us into sexual objects for the enjoyment of cisgender men.

My Christmases have been mostly spent in a castle in Scotland with my now ex-husband.Christmas always involved log fires, dog walks, charades, games and gifts both lavish and daft. Emma and Jon are delighted by my stockings, which contain yummy, trendy and silly bits and bobs.

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They were one of the first families to make it to the camps set up by the coalition of governments that would eventually form WICKED.… continue reading »

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Cate: I asked my mother why she cut the ends off her pot roast, and she said, "because that's what my mother did". My bottle, a can of 50 weight oil and..." Oh, it does suck! … continue reading »

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