Harvard university dating site

13-Oct-2016 16:18

“I’m proposing an undersigned letter, a statement of support with the gender non-conforming and gender queer community after Datamatch implicitly excluded them from the experience,” Whittaker said at the meeting, the Crimson reported.“The idea of it being romantic does not necessitate the idea that it be stuck upon strict gender bearings.” According to the paper, the letter also acknowledges that “the Datamatch team has put in a great deal of work to crafting this event, and we understand that there are technical difficulties which have, in part, led to this situation.According to a 2015 study by the Pew Research Center, 15 percent of American adults have used online dating sites (web-based platforms like Match.com) and/or dating apps (location-based smartphone apps like Tinder).

The school’s Undergraduate Council was none too pleased, either, as 26 members of signed a letter rebuking Datamatch’s narrow gender options, the Crimson reported.

Harvard University said on Thursday that it was changing the sexual and gender-based harassment policy for its Faculty of Arts and Sciences to prohibit faculty and undergraduate students from engaging in romantic relationships of any kind (PDF).