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My daughters, Morgan and Chelsea, are adults now and living on their own in the city. I was forty-eight years old, heartbroken and in desperate need of a fresh start in a place with few memories.My husband had died and I was not sure I would ever be happy again.Many women feel as confused dating at 50 as they did at seventeen. If you understand how to compensate, your dating life will flourish.Adolescent courtship is about chemistry and passion.There are plenty of novels on the subject — mostly rather autumnal in tone — and a plethora of off-putting books on the menopause.But when it comes to ideas on how to make the best of the second bit of life, there is a curious dearth of inspiration. And how do you keep your sanity when you are menopausal, your teenage children have taken up shoplifting and/or underage drinking and your parents are losing their marbles?I was hoping to reinvent myself as a writer so I began taking writing classes.

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Melani can be found online at (note that there is no "e" in Melani).

‘This is a book designed to function as a sort of manual,’ she writes.