Dating shelden

02-Jun-2016 20:12

How important has the Sheldon-Amy relationship been to keeping the show fresh?

I think we’ve gotten a lot of mileage about watching these two people.

However, he now lives in Penny Hofstadter's old apartment with Amy.But as important as these topics are, I'm afraid that the sports world is unfortunately subjected to the same kind of celebrity gossip that has spoiled the minds of anyone who has ever picked up a copy of network. Personally, I can't stand doing it and the notion that the private lives of all of our favorite sports figures are somehow relevant often times makes me sick. And because I am so incredibly crotchety, I decided to run with it.Without further ado, I present to you the 15 sports couples who just plain disagree with your mind, body and/or spirit.When it comes to sports, we fans have a lot of things to talk about.

To name but a few topics, entire conversations can revolve around players, coaches, trophies, stadiums, records, stats, schedules and mascots.

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