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The powerful Duke of Guise (from the Lorraine province) set up a Catholic League to react against the Protestants and what he considered a weak royal power. Despite the king's attempts to stop it, the massacre lasted for three days.

Although he was assassinated on 23rd December 1588 upon the order of King Henry III, the League then openly revol... Charles also ordered his provincial governors to prevent further violence, but the massacre spread to another twelve cities, killing thousands of Huguenots.

At first it is used as a device being forced upon Carrie by her mother in order for Carrie to atone for her sins, however later it is alluded to as Carrie is seen praying for her mother.

Prayer, and the notion that one should “pray” is also featured in the film.

When you say "September 11" you are already citing, are you not?

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The League became a powerful player in the French Wars of Religion, often finding itself in conflict with both the Huguenots and the King. The King called in several regiments of Swiss Guards and the Gardes-Françaises, an act that violated a Paris city privilege not to have foreign troops quartered in the city.The first time I saw Farmers Only I thought it was a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch." RELATED: Adorable boy cries over Disney trip in You Tube video On some levels, the application form is like all other sites in wanting to know your basic appearance, age, location and religious affiliation, if any.