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06-Mar-2017 09:29

No matter how special you are, they’ll help you find your special someone. Sure, there’s been specialty dating services since before the Internet. Each new service required another signup, building a profile, and learning a new interface. The Micro-Tinders break down all these barriers to love. Plenty of critics have blasted The League’s exclusionary model that effectively discriminates against people from lower socio-economic classes by using people’s jobs and colleges as admission criteria. Niche dating apps create little clubs where people feel comfortable because there’s some shared context.

Facebook login and camera roll permissions makes signup a breeze and creating a profile nearly automatic. The very idea that different races need their own dating apps is conservative bordering on racist. The question is how much of this specialty market Tinder is going to try to own, and how much it will cede to its pint-sized competitors?

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But I think it’d be wise for Tinder parent company IAC to at least explore the idea of building its own Micro-Tinders, adding some more segmentation into its main app, or buying out specialty dating apps with strong growth and engagement.

Most use the swipe-right-to-approve-someone mechanic. They’re typically free, and use filters and algorithms to do the work for you. Right now, Tinder seems to be sticking with its one-app-fits-all approach, and CEO Sean Rad told me it wasn’t focused on catering to niches.