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17-Jun-2016 22:55

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At the end of the day our core beliefs and values mirror one another, but this isn’t the case for all couples.I imagine the tension may be rising as we get closer to voting day for those couples who don’t see eye to eye when it comes to this year’s election.This similarity between us makes for enlightening and affirming political conversations as opposed to heated debates filled with eye rolls.If there is frustration about an issue, that level of frustration is often shared between the two of us as we realize the impact this election’s outcome will have on our family.So what do you do when you find out that great guy is a Democrat? There are challenges ahead, but it's possible to leave the battleground mentality in Florida and Ohio.

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One woman ended a relationship that was going well after she discovered the guy was a conservative.

And while it's easy to leave the heavy duty number crunching to online dating sites, we have some philosophical deal-breaker qualities for potential partners that go beyond mathematics.