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Bisexuals cause a ripple in the “REAL GIRL”, REAL MAN”, “GAY, “LADYBOY”, and “LESBIAN/TOMBOY” accepted categories.The real question is, “What category do they fit in??The bill was first introduced some 14 years ago, but has been languishing in legal limbo since.It would extend sexual health education in school, make contraceptives more widely available and improve pre and post-natal care. Choice between contraceptives or food While contraceptives are legal in the Philippines, they can be expensive and difficult to get.The "love letters" from bishops and priests keep arriving.Raymond Palatino laughed, with just a hint of bitterness.She has overcome the humiliations and harassment she experienced during this period.

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Since then, he has been pushing for the Sexual and Reproductive Health Bill, often referred to as the Health Bill.

Philippine law fleshes out the definition, parameters, and penalties for rape, in the form of The Anti-Rape Law, but is yet to provide a bigger blanket for the more invisible problem of sexual harassment.