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Jebediah released five studio albums between 19, the first three of which entered the top ten on the ARIA Albums Chart.Mitchell commenced performing as a folk pop artist under the name "Bob Evans" in 1999 to showcase "quieter" songs that were influenced by music that was different from the primary sound of Jebediah, and he deliberately chose a stage name that would distinguish him from his band.(3 April 2009) references his hometown, and Mitchell provided the following description at the time: "It's a very ordinary, plain little suburb with a primary school and a shopping centre and a BMX track." Following Mitchell's successful completion of the Tertiary Entrance Examination (TEE), he commenced an undergraduate degree at a Western Australian university.After the first year he decided to forgo his course, and as a member of Jebediah, he signed a record deal in 1996. The only time I had ever suffered depression was as a teenager when I was at school and here I was, 31 years old, and the last thing I ever thought was that those feelings would come back.His most successful solo album Suburban Songbook, which was released on 10 June 2006, peaked at No.15, and his next two solo albums Goodnight, Bull Creek!The swim portion is .25 miles, the bike portion is 10.6 miles, and the run is 3.1 miles. For more information, please contact the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center at (334) 255-2296/3794, or MWR Central (334) 255-2997 The triathlon event is hosted and administered by Fort Rucker.Registration for this event goes through Fort Rucker.

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He is also the founding lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the alternative rock band Jebediah, which was formed in 1994 and features his older brother Brett Mitchell, who joined on drums before the group's first performance.X Games Austin 2016 will also feature the return of BMX Street, Moto X Best Trick, Moto X Freestyle and Women's Skateboard Park.